I love the phrase ” Reach for the stars and If you dont catch them at least you are at the top of the world”

So today I thought I would give you a task. Whats your goal? What would make you reach for the stars if you dream? I bet you could reach it. But first you need to specify the goal and break it down so you can measure it. So you can go back and look if you get lost on the way.

TASK – Close your eyes and think about your ultimate dreamlife, what does it contain? What would you take away from your life in order to get there?

This is the first step to your new life, the life you deserv !

Get yourself a dreambook and write your thoughts. Good luck! And stay tuned for more task to make you reach your dreams and the life you want. / All best – Alea Karin.

Pictures from todays session…



Summer is a great time to recharge. One of my favourite things in the summer is when one of my best friends comes to visit us. Every summer she comes for a few days. This summer we had the chance to get away just the two of us for a day trip in the county. We visited old churches, whent soap shopping and stopped for some swedish fika, then a nice lunch in the city. A perfect day. This is recharging for me. Some culture and food along with a friend. I promote a life in balance as you know and these kinds of things give me great balance and my account of happiness is recharged again. What do you do to recharge?


I would say I’m happy. Being a mother of two wild kids and having a million projects alongside with a fulltime job used to make me go into periods of migraine and really bad cases of stomach problems. I used to ignore all signs that my body gave me and instead just crashed down. 

It’s not easy to find time to get in balance.  But I think it’s just that, it must be a way of living. At first we need a plan and then when we regularly apply it to our daily life it will be the state of normal. To be happy and be in balance will be the normal you!

So where to start?

  1. Sleep. As much as you can. Can you manage 8 hours? Try listening to some meditation or calm music if you can’t sleep. I personally listen to King of Queens on youtube. Why? I simply need to end my day with a smile. I know all the episodes by heart, so I don’t need to spend much time actually listening to it. It’s just there in the background and makes me relaxed.
  1. Eat. Why not eat good food. Looking for a way to eat and melt fat at the same time?

Check out this link for inspiration. Don’t stop to eat if you want to lose weight, find something you can live by everyday.

3. Work out, find a few times a week to work out. Go to the gym if you like. Take long walks or my favourite work out with the kids. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when we all have been working out together. Either we go for a run, dance in front of the tv or make pilates together. 

4. Make a plan and stick to it. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, you need to have a plan for your job. Be happy with the result that you get and don’t focus on what is left to do. THere will probably always be more to do. But if you can accept that you can let it  go and that there is a day tomorrow you will feel less stressed out.

5. Social detoxing. Check out my previous blog about how this really can change your life in a positive way. You find the link here.

6. Treat yourself, go to the spa or hair salon. Take care of your body. If you reward yourself you will be happier. Of course it could be to eat something, I love bakery goods. So when I eat my cake it’s really a good treat for me. Or a long phone call to an old friend, what a treat!

If you can manage to find the balance of eating, working out, sleep, and work I think you will see a transformation in your life. It might take days or years. But when you are there I think you will become more happy.  / Alea.


Ok so I will be honest I haven’t done this for a long time. But I love it. Why? Because making money this way im not depending on any humans that will buy or that i have to send or make anything. I just have to trade. Simple? Well….  This is not financial advice and NEVER spend any money that you are not ready to lose. The market doesn’t care about you or your money if you lose or win. You need to understand this before you start.  As i’m not an expert I will not pretend to be one. I hope i have time to do some videos on my trade so you understand the way I think about it. There are one and a million ways to trade, and so many program and so many teachers. YOu really need to find your nice and nerd down. Start with paper money, and then after I would say 1 month of winnings you can start with your money. You will come to a point when you think I got this. Then you will be greedy, go out of everything you learned and loose a lot. This will totally mess up all balance that you have and you may or may not want to do it again, I know because I think this happens to everyone. I live after the words “ The one who knows the most will win”. So that why you have to do your research. 

  1. Set a goal, how much you want to make
  2. Put up a strategy to reach that goal
  3. Practise and stick to your strategy

If you lose, go back to look at your goal. You need to practice this and understand the market. But for a few people you can really make it big. You need to spend money in order to get it. I won’t give any advice on how much to start with. THIS is up to you. Dont be gready, be happy over 2% profit.

  1. Start with paper money. You can use this link CLICK HERE to get started. This is a great practice site. 
  2. Search on youtube after trading. I like daytrading more than swing trading. And I like stocks more than binary or options or penny stocks. But again you need to get your niche.

If you are interested in knowing more, send me a comment or subscribe to my mailing list. Then I will tell you when I have some videos ready. 

Let me know if this helped you out anything…


Summer came, the world is messed up and there is not much that can stress us out like climat changes, injustice, poverty etc etc.

So this summer I want you to focus on one thing YOURSELF. Because you need it. If you are free from work or laid off from work you have the time to feel good. I don’t talk about things that cost a lot of money. Im talking about getting down to the basics. Waking up, rested maybe even in balance. How to become balanced? Again the basics. Sleep good, Eat Healty and Food you enjoy, close your phone,  Exercise, Take a walk, Do some yoga or Pilates at home if you don’t like the gym. Take a bath. The summer is a perfect time because we are mostly more active this time of the year with all the outdoor activites that we do. Take your bicycle and pack a picknick bag.

I previously wrote about detoxing social media. Read that article. I think this is a must for a good holiday and also to keep yourself in balance.

Summer is also a great time to explore things you like more, a hobby or read a new book.

Whatever you do, so stuff you like. Make sure you spend your time on things or people that makes YOU happy, that is the least you deserv.

I hope you will have a great summer. As I wrote on insta @dailyinstaupdate  – you will find me in the garden, with my phone closed and my mind present in the moment.

I hope you will have a great summer and find some blance. / A

* I belive that you need balance to keep yourself happy, I think this is the key to mental health. Eat healty good food, Sleep, Drink Water, Excerise and Detoxing social media.  If you can find the balance in all these then I think you will have a better chance to perform better at work, enjoy your family and be able to  create the life you want. It sound so simple but its really hard. Have the goal, find the structure and have the discipline to follow it, this is the hard thing because life is changing all the time. But that I think gives us more reason to sick to something that is good for us. Later on I will write about “How you can become the best person you can be” – Stay tuned*

Fourth letter

Detoxing social media…

Are you stressed out with all your social media platforms, and having hard time at following everyone else? Reading more about “white snow” effect makes me wonder, is it all worth it?

I have two youtube channels, 4-5 insta accounts , one blog , numerous projects and trading account. Sooo I need a break! Detoxing social media to see what I should focus on. I ve done it for a week and im feeling more relaxed and happy before.

I think all people can benifit from this, change our life and start to live outside the screen. Again we need to get back to the basics to find our balance.

So how can you start to detox yourself from social media?

1. Make a list over all sites /account you visit post on everyday.

2. From that list – make a schedule on where you feel you must post and how often – like ”instagram 2 times a week , – instastory 2 times a day at 8 am and 6 pm”

3. Turn off all notifications

4. Stick to ”phone time” so friends know that you can talk between 4-6 pm for example. Or that they will get a respond during that time. If its not an emergency.

5. Put your phone away when you spend time with other humans or when you look at a movie. Practice on beeing present. Dare yourself to enjoy a cup of coffie without taking a picture of it.

6. During phone hours, be effective. Respond people you want, look at things that matters to you. Shut out the blur and negativity !

7. Choose where you get your news or dont watch it at all. Gossip will not make you feel better!

8. Try something new. Now you got allt of free time. Start taking walks, spend time with your family/kids, bake someting, be creative or just relax in the sun – you are worth it! –


Third Letter

I came into marketing when I liven in Bangkok. I used to go to the SPA for a few hours each week and then when i felt in balance I went to a small internetshop and did my stuff.

Here are my best tip of making money. But it might take some efford for you to do it. If you just want to win the lottery you can find a good way to do it here as well. Just click here to test your luck.

There are a few ways you can get started. For more tips, leave your email in comments below and i will send you updates every week.

ARE YOU READY? Pull out your notebook and your pen and get to started.

This is according to me a great source to make money. IF you have time to analyse and can spend a few bucks to get started. I got my investment back in 3 weeks.

Affiliate Marketing
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Take photos and make money

Is it possible to make money online ? Yes, However I think in life we all need balance. This is something i will come back to over and over. Balance. In this case i would say balance between working online vs meeting real people and interact with them. I myself work full time, come home to be a mom and wife In the evening when kids are asleep its my time. Ive tried alot of ways to make money online. You can search youtube for may, many offers or you can go with some links below that works. Dont forget that your goals will take you to your money. WIthout a clear goal that can be messured in money and time you wont get very far. If you are intrested to know more, make sure to subscribe to my weekly mail.

I will try and make an expainer video to how to use these methods as I am presenting here. But in a few weeks.

These where some tips on how to get started. Dont forget your motivation is they key to your success! /Alea Karin

Second Letter

Hello. How are you? Did I tell you about my son Pex?

There is nothing better than beeing a mom. Somehow its the essance and core of who I am now and all I do is for you. Your kisses gives me all power I need to take it to the next level. You were instant LOVE. A mothers love is forever and endless. To be honast i didnt expect so much from motherhood. I was very relaxed and Ive learned to enjoy every moment with you. And I have and I do. When Im home im with you 100%, this is what all children desserve. I think the best gift to anyone is to be present and when I started to put away my phone my life transformed and I can see you and be here for you on all levels.

A friend send me a snap today from a photoshot we did a year ago. I almost forgot this, but im so proud that our picture is now in educational material for Swedish Hospitals. To be photogenic is just one of your sides. Again I NEVER expected I could have a child or two children that are models In campains all over Sweden right now.

You are so talented, singing and dancing all days long. And dreams of stardom. How can I stop this? How can I keep you small? My hearts break when I think of that you one day will leave the nest.

But of course you are so much more than looks and talent. You are my angel and I love you for you and that your soul decided to choose me as your mother is the best blessings I have ever gotten. My greatest challenge in life and for all other mothers with sons is to teach our boys to behave in the world, to make him into a gentleman, where race, gender, etnicity or whatever should not matter. All are the same, no matter what. It sickens my heart so much whenever I hear about abuse, attacks, rape or anything else. This is not ok and I will do my best to empower women always.

The other day we went for a playday at your friends home. You had bought her a neckless, because one day i found you looking in my jewlery box telling me that you were looking for something for her. Finally after months of you dreaming of giving this to her you could give it to her. This was sush a special moment. I remember beeing 6 years old when I got my first silver ring from a boy. As a girl you never forget this. Thats why I wanted his girl to have the same moment, beacuse I refuse to let the bad guys win. Its my duty as a mom to a boy to teach him how to be a good boy.

Pex. I love you more than you know, your sister and your biths are the single best moments along side marrying your dad. To see you with your grandparents makes my heart sing beacuse my childhood with my family, relatives and friends where perfect and I couldnt give you anything less than that beacuse you are perfection.

/ Love MOM

”You are my child
You just made my life complete
Just to have your eyes on a little me
That’d be mine forever andeverything that I have is yours

You will never go cold or hungry
I’ll be there when you’re insecure
Let you know that you’re always lovely
cause you are
The only thing that I got right now

One day when the sky is falling
I’ll be standing right next to you
Right next to you”

– Rewritten song,

Right next to you by #justinbieber and #chrisbrown , (I rewrote this song for your Blessing cermony)

First letter

Hello dear. I hope you are fine and safe. Crazy times around us and we can only hope this madness will end soon.

I started this blog , it will be about my lifestyle, my projects and my family. I promote things I like, people I adore and causes I believe in. I love to collaborate so contact me if you want.

About me – Adopted from India I came to Sweden when I was 2 years old. My childhood was safe, happy and beautiful. I have lived in Thailand for 7.5 yeas and met my husband in Bangkok. I will tell you more about this in this blog. Now we live in Sweden and raise our family.

Happiness- I will tell you all about where i got my selfconfidence from later on. I think i have a safe foundation with a background in a church, where I during my first years got to know some girls that today still are my closest friends, the kind that knows you inside out and that you know always got your back, even if you move to the other side of the world they are still there for you. Today we are so different, but im so happy for all of these young beautiful women making their marks in the world. To be your friend is my honur. You know who you are!

Family – My family is my everything. I grew up in a large family and I have many uncles and auties and many, many cousins. They have always been the foundation of me and everytime we meet its magic. This secure , happy childhood is what I wish for all children.

Kids – My life changed when I became a mother, this instant reaction of love and to protect someone was something I didn’t expect. My life got a new meaning and I understood the expression of unconditional love. My first born is Pex, now 5 years. He is a model/youtuber that dreams to become a singer and dancer. He is very kind, emotional, loving, caring, and talented. I am his biggest fan and he makes me smile every day. 3.5 years after Pex his sister arrived fast into the world. She is very beautiful, passionate, naughty, wild, social and loves to sing and dance. To see their love for each other makes my heart melt. They are just so adorable. I will not feature her in this blog so much because she is too young.

Entrepreneur – I am the proud creator of @dailyinstaupdate , with over 9100 followers on fb and 4000+ followers on Instagram im happy to entertain mostly my indian crowd with updates from Bollywood . Dont miss out on our videos on youtube so you can look what happened in the world of news on special days.

I am also the creator of @pexandtoys my son who is a model and YouTuber you must check out his adorable movies!! You find hin easily on Youtube if you write Pexandtoys.

I constantly want to do new things. Im into trading and marketing. I also like to sing and write as well. I love to use the internet to make money and I will promote a few hacks for you so you can do the same!

Brands I like to most

Bags – Marc Jacobs

Jeans – Levis

Perfume – Elisabeth Arden

Scarfs – Louis Vuitton, Guess

Makeup – Loreal, Maybelline

Lipgloss – Victoria Secret

Childrens cloths – Adidas, Levis, Benetton.

I have so much to tell you and Im looking forward to all your reply in the comments. And if you like something feel free to like it and share it. And write your email address below so you dont miss ut on anything.

Question /Comment below– What would you like me to write more about?

All my best to you  / ALEA

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